Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chronicle for Higher Education 3/19/08

* Visiting Assistant Professor or Lecturer in Sociology
Angelo State University (Texas)
(date posted: 3/18/2008)

* Anticipated Full-time Faculty: Business Computer Application, Emergency Medical Services, Education, Choral/Music, Psychology/Sociology, Business, Communications, Mathematics, Biology A&P, Industrial Design (CAD)
East Central College (Missouri)
(date posted: 3/18/2008)

* Assistant Professor Social Studies Education
University of Montana at Missoula (Montana)
(date posted: 3/18/2008)

* Postdoctoral / Senior Research Fellowship
Harvard University (Massachusetts)
(date posted: 3/18/2008)

* Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Wayne State College (Nebraska)
(date posted: 3/18/2008)

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